I am a winner of a cosmic lottery.

A Vagrant plugin to keep your VirtualBox Guest Additions up to date

Vagrant plugin

Found this little treasure. https://github.com/dotless-de/vagrant-vbguest

What it does is keep your VirtualBox™ guests' guest addition software and drivers up to date with the version of VirtualBox™ installed in your system whenever you bring up the box using vagrant.


Installing Cassandra for Fedora 20

Switching to Cassandra

I am going to try to install Cassandra today and will try to shift all my databases from MySQL/PostgreSQL to Cassandra Server.

Pre Installation

Install Oracle Java, Apache Ant


I just followed how to add the datastax repository here: http://maxvandervelde.com/blog/Installing_Cassandra_on_Fedora

Basically you would:

  1. Create

    file by adding the following:

            name= DataStax Repo for Apache Cassandra

  2. # yum makecache
  3. # yum install cassandra20


Added two more sites

Working with Webfaction

Needless to say, working with webfaction is really a delight

Migration of old applications (or creating new ones, for that matter) is a breeze. It's almost always you're in full control of the whole server.

I am looking forward to working on more projects using this wonderful, wonderful server

By the way, the two more sites are:


Added new website to portfolios

Website in place

I have managed to add this old website from the days that I am still learning to work with Django web framework.

You can check it out here: P3

In this version, we used:


To Do List

Here are some things that I need to add to this blog:


There's so many things to do. Fortunately, I may have enough time to do them

That's all for now, I will get back to you after this



Welcome - 2014 - 03 -04

Hello and Welcome

I am Lawrence Salmingo from the Philippines.

This is a new blog that I will be keeping since the old one is stuck.

This blog will not be concentrating on anything, just ordinary everyday happenings